Speaking tech at Stripped Pizza – Code Excursion
September 17, 2018






Code Excursion is a Swiss - Swedish initiative to get women from any background interested in programming.

For 3 months a group of motivated women, follows a highly trusted online course and learns what it means to speak "tech" and get hands-on experience with programming languages, frameworks and libraries. There will be keynote speakers to talk about technology-related topics so that one can get a better understanding of how things work on the job. 

All is set in a beautiful location - Stripped Pizza - and a great community so that you can just come and concentrate on the learning part. 

Together it is all not that scary! We are looking forward to seeing you,

your Code Excursion and Stripped Pizza Team

Datum: JedenSamstag vom 22. September 2018 bis 15. Dezember 2018
: 9.00bis 11.30 Uhr
: StrippedPizza St. Gallen
Code Excursion

Foto: Code Excursion

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